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    Harjinder Singh Lallie

      How to Use GSA Forums

      Please stick to the following guidelines to make the most of our forums:

      • If you have a question please use the search facility to check if the question has been asked before.
      • If your question has not been asked before, please create a new topic in the relevant course forum.
      • When posting please keep the topic title short but relevant to your question.
      • Add as much detail as you can about your question in the main post.
      • If you want to receive email updates when anyone posts an answer please make sure the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” box is checked.
      • If you would like to receive emails whenever new questions are posted you can subscribe to the whole forum by clicking the “Subscribe” button on the main forum page.
      • If you would like to receive emails when a topic that you did not create has new answers you can click the “Subscribe” link on the topic page.
      • You can manage your subscriptions and view topics you have engaged with by clicking on the “Profile” button above the forums.
      • Please don’t post any more than 5 links in any post or you may find your post gets blocked for being spam and will require moderator approval.


      Community Guidelines

      The community guidelines are the rules that apply to the whole site. The main rules to stick to are:

      • Be friendly – This GSA Forum is a friendly place. Let’s keep it that way by treating everyone with respect.
      • Keep it clean – This site is for everyone, so please make your posts suitable for people of all ages.
      • Stay on topic – The conversation flows better if you keep your posts relevant and constructive.
      • No advertising – Please don’t make posts that are purely for promotional purposes.
      • Nothing illegal – If you’re unsure whether your post might fall foul of the law, please err on the side of caution.
    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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